Creative Ways to Put on a Fundraiser

Do you want to raise money for a charity that’s close to your heart? Well done for your passion and determination, the non-profit organizations will almost certainly appreciate your help; charities rely on the kindness of others. However, choosing a creative idea is difficult in 2021. You feel as though everything has already been done and you worry that people won’t engage with your event. Here are some ideas to bring your fundraising efforts to life! 

T-Shirt Fundraising 

It’s often awkward asking people for money, so why not offer them something in return? With a t-shirt fundraiser, you can design a few t-shirts and get people to purchase them for the betterment of the cause. With platforms like Bonfire, all funds are sent directly to the charity, so you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics either. People get a cool t-shirt, the non-profit receives important funds, and everybody wins. 

Big Night In 

Is there anything better than getting into PJs and watching a film with loved ones? Rather than getting people to attend an event, ask them to stay at home instead. They donate to take part while sitting in their pajamas more comfortably than at any other charity event. This idea is COVID-friendly, it doesn’t ask too much of people, and you can even use Zoom and other tools to speak with participants. 

Ask people to donate what they would have spent eating out and you’ll raise a good amount for charity. 

Photo Exhibition 

Everybody takes photos on a camera or smartphone, but only a small number of people get their photographs into real exhibitions. Why not give everybody their moment in the spotlight with a photo exhibition? Ask participants to send in their photographs and sell tickets for the event. People will love seeing their photos hanging on the walls of a real exhibition. 

Virtual Quiz Night 

Even as we come out of the pandemic, some people are still uncomfortable with the idea of visiting a busy pub or a charity event. With this in mind, why not invite people to a virtual quiz night instead? All people need to join is a device and an internet connection, and they can donate what they would have spent at a physical quiz night. 

Quiz nights are always fun because you soon see the competitive side of people who previously claimed not to care about the event. Either way, you raise lots of money for an important cause. 

Get the Neighborhood Involved 

Another creative way to put on a fundraiser is to get the neighbors involved. Although not everybody will have the time, you’ll be surprised by the passion and kindness of others. Possible events include: 

  • Car boot sale 
  • Street party (physical or virtual) 
  • 5k run 
  • Rounder game/tournament 
  • Word record attempt party 
  • Board game night 
  • Tip night 

With this last suggestion, you can ask local cafes, restaurants, and other eateries to donate their tips on a particular day and get advice from professional fundraising services.

Used Book Sale 

Finally, you could also ask people to donate their unwanted books. Then, ask people to pay a small fee for them at a sale later. Since they’re donated books, you only need to charge $1 per book and you’ll soon earn lots of money for charity. 

Ultimately, the best nonprofit fundraiser consultants are the ones that get lots of people involved and lead to plenty of fun. Consider your skills, the neighborhood’s needs, modern technology (to raise funds), and choose something that will capture the imagination of everybody. Good luck!