CBD Oil Rescued Me From My Addiction to Benzodiazapines

I am amongst the millions of people across the globe that suffer from an anxiety disorder. Social anxiety has been an issue for me since I was a child. It became obvious I had an issue when I began to have panic episodes in high school. My folks took me to visit a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder and prescribed a Xanax to deal with it. It wasn’t too long before I started abusing my medicine by taking more than prescribed. And thus I was addicted. I had to find additional sources of the drug because I was only prescribed enough for 1 pill a day. I found other kids at school with prescriptions to benzos and would purchase pills from them. This was not only dangerous behavior, but illegal as well. I needed to find an alternative treatment so I could break this cycle of addiction.

With anxiety being the most common mental health issue in the world, it’s important for those who suffer from anxiety to have an effective and safe treatment for the disorder. There are many benzodiazepines on the market for treating anxiety. The problem with these medicines is that there are potential side effects. Some of these side effects include impairment of coordination, drowsiness, confusion, depressions, vision problems, trembling, and dizziness. Because of this, purple terpene flavored CBD extracts are a healthy alternative in treating the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

With the abuse of western medicine being such a huge problem in this country it’s important that we have good alternatives. CBD products are an excellent choice in treating anxiety and depression. I found it easy to purchase quality tinctures, and I purchased mine from Xtra Laboratories. This is still a new product on the market and the FDA is currently running trials in order to find the best way to regulate it. They are also evaluating if there are any negative potential side effects. So far, none have stood out but they are continuing there trials in order to be sure. The old-school traditional medicines have too much potential for abuse or even overdose. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), abuse of benzodiazepines is at an epidemic level in the United States. It’s clear to me that they are a dangerous solution to social anxiety disorders. 
CBD is non-addictive, nor are terpenes, and it’s non-psychoactive so the potential for abuse is essentially zero. I was weaned off of the Xanax and prescribed a course of treatment using the CBD terpene tincture. I was scared my anxiety symptoms and panic attacks would return since I stopped Xanax. However, I was surprised to find that the tincture I was now taking kept me calm and collected. I was able to be in social situations that normally sent me into a mental downward spiral. I also noticed that I was able to go to sleep much easier. I normally would lay in bed for hours unable to calm my thoughts. I beat my addiction by finding a healthy alternative in CBD extracts.