November 18, 2019 Monthly Meeting

Concerned Veterans for America with Joshua Stanwitz.
Monday November 18, 2019
with Joshua Stanwitz of
Concerned Veteran’s for America

Josh Stanwitz is the Coalitions Director in Arizona. He is a native of southwestern Virginia, and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in 1998 directly out of high school.  Josh has a deep history of military service in his family, having family members who served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps all around the world in all major conflicts (Revolutionary-Present) and major operations including the Battle of Bataan, D-Day, and Saipan to name a few. Upon graduating basic training, the school of infantry, and basic security guard school, he was assigned to 1st Fleet Antiterrorism Team Company (FAST) and eventually 3rd Battalion 7th Marines where he served as a Machine Gun Section Leader,
having deployed with both.

Following his initial enlistment Josh entered the security sector where he had privilege of working alongside multiple local, state and federal agencies.  Assisting in security operations for former presidents, representatives, foreign dignitaries, foreign diplomats, celebrities and sports teams.

In 2008 he enlisted again, this time into the Army National Guard and served as a team leader and squad leader in Alpha Company 1st of the 160th Infantry before being deployed 3 months later to Northern Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom with Easy Company 1st of the 185th Infantry.  After his 13-month deployment he returned home and began working for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office while staying in the National Guard and pursuing his degree fulltime at American Military University.  He left Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office after three years graduating with honors from AMU with a degree in International Relations and began working with CVA in Arizona in November of 2015. Josh ended his military service after close to 16 years in uniform having served under 3 administrations in 2016.

In his free time Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife Keri, son Jeb, family and friends or outside backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, or SCUBA diving.

meeting held at:
Pyle Center
655 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
6:30 pm-8:30 pm
map here


Please make every effort to attend this meeting. We will be voting on the By Laws and your 2020 Board. We will need quorum in order for the voting to take place.

This meeting is the third Monday in November (a week earlier than usual)  because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is the slate for the 2020 Board:
President: Wendy Howe
VP/Programs: Krista Smiley
2nd VP/Membership: Diselle Brandriet
Secrectary: Sandy Owens
Treasurer: Robin Klock

All members were emailed a copy of the
2020 By Laws in October.
Here is the link if you didn’t see it:
TRW 2020 By Laws

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