UPDATE: Gubernatorial Panel

TRW is pleased to announce that Al Melvin will be joining our lineup of panelists.

Don’t miss out on this meeting. You have an excellent opportunity to learn more about the candidates for an extremely important office in our state.


Gubernatorial Panel – April 28th – Mark Your Calendars!


TRW Secretary of State Panel – March 24th

grand-canyon-arizona-27921139Join us March 24th, 6:30PM, at the Pyle Center for Tempe Republican Women’s secretary of state panel discussion with Wil Cardon and Justin Pierce. We have a lot of other great speakers lined up as well, full agenda posted below.

Time for Q&A will be provided, so please come prepared. Because of time constraints, questions will have to be limited to 30 seconds.

6:30 - 6:45 —Meet and Greet/Sign-In
6:45 – 6:55 — Call to order/Committee reports
6:55 – 7:05 — Mark Brnovich for Attorney General
7:05 – 7:15 — John King (School Board)
7:15 – 7:20 — Charles Boles for Justice of the Peace
7:20 – 7:30 — SOS Panel. Overview of panel rules and format/Main Speakers Introduction of Themselves(2 minutes each)
7:30 – 7:50 — 5 Main Question Q&A (30 sec questions from board + 1 Minute Answers)
7:50 – 8:15 — Q&A from Audience (30 sec questions + 1 minute answers)
8:15 – 8:20 — Raffle Drawing, announcements and close of meeting

TRW Meeting with guest speaker Donald Critchlow of ASU

February 24th, at the Pyle Recreation Center at Rural/Southern, please join us to listen to speaker Donald Critchlow. 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Bring your questions and don’t forget that there is a TRW – After Hours discussion planned after the meeting. Meet us at Spokes on Southern at McClintock/Southern (just down the street from the meeting) to discuss what we learned and thought of the speaker, as well as to give us some social time with other members of the club. We will be there right after the meeting and at least until 10PM.

From Wikipedia:

Critchlow is the author of six books, a textbook, and twelve edited books:

  • When Hollywood Was Right: How Movie Stars, Studio Moguls, and Big Business Changed American Politics (New York: Cambridge University Press, in press 2013).
  • The Conservative Ascendancy: How the GOP Right Made Political History (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press,2007; Expanded and Revised edition, Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 2011)
  • Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism: A Woman’s Crusade (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2005)
  • Intended Consequences: Birth Control, Abortion, and the Federal Government in Modern America (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999)
  • Studebaker: The Life and Death of an American Corporation (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1996)
  • The Brookings Institution: 1916-1952: Expertise in a Democratic Society (DeKalb, Illinois: Northern Illinois Press, 1984)
  • Debating the Conservative Movement (co-authored with Nancy MacLean) (Lantham, Maryland: Rowman and Littfield Publishers, 2009

Critchlow was born in Pasadena, California in 1948, and graduated from Maryville High School in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from San Francisco State University in 1968 and received his M.A. (1972) and Ph.D. (1978) from the University of California, Berkeley. Critchlow was an associate professor of history at the University of Notre Dame, before moving to Saint Louis University inSt. Louis, Missouri as a professor of history. In the fall of 2010 he accepted a distinguished professorship, the Barry Goldwater Chair of American Institutions, at Arizona State University.

He is founding president on the Institute for Political History, a non-profit education foundation that sponsors the Policy History Conference, graduate travel awards, and other academic and historical projects.

Tempe Tea Party Meeting – This Tuesday

Don’t forget that the Tempe Tea Party meets this Tuesday at 6:30, at the Pyle Center 655 E Southern Ave. Be sure to check out their meetings and check out their website: http://tempeteaparty.org/

Have a conservative group that Tempe residents would be interested in? Let us know and we will post your meetings on our site and Facebook page.

NFRW Alarmed by President Obama’s Stress on Executive Orders in SOTU





Alexandria, Va.–Kathy Brugger, president of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), issued the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address:


“In his State of the Union address last night President Obama set the stage for an imperial presidency, alluding several times to taking action by executive order when Congress does not pass the laws that he is satisfied with. A resort to executive orders to propel his liberal agenda demonstrates how desperate the President is to codify his legacy by any means necessary.


The President alluded directly and indirectly to implementing projects in his ‘year of action’ by executive orders nine times during his State of the Union address last night. He plans to circumvent Congress by executive order when it comes to handling the permitting process for infrastructure progress, propelling the natural gas industry, reforming training programs, implementing nation-wide pre-K, raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, creatin

g a new system for retirement savings, and action on gun control measures. As Republicans we believe that if the changes above are going to be made, they need to be made with proper debate and passage in Congress–not by executive power alone.


The President’s speech tonight serves as a reminder to Republican activists that this year’s midterm elections are vitally important and that we need to work hard to make Republican gains in Congress.”

Packages from Home Item Collection

PFHSVG_Badge_Logo_200x200 TRW is asking all attending our next meeting to bring some travel sized mouthwash and eye drops    as donations for Packages from Home. You can find these at the Dollar Store or at Target/Wal-Mart. We will be collecting at the door.

For more information of how you can help this great organization, please visit their website at http://www.packagesfromhome.org/

NFRW Political Briefing – Omnibus Spending Bill

The Continuing Resolution and the Omnibus: Talking Points on Budget Woes This Week
  • The government shutdown ended in October with a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funded the government through January 15. With that date approaching, the House passed a short-term CR that will fund the government through Saturday to avoid another shutdown while a larger, omnibus spending bill is negotiated that will fund the government through the rest of this fiscal year. The Senate is expected to pass the short-term CR this evening.
  • The omnibus spending bill will have 12 parts; the omnibus will be a comprehensive package of 12 different spending bills. Lumping 12 spending bills into one huge bill–that currently stretches to 1,582 pages– allows for two things: first, political cover for lawmakers who have inserted pork projects in the bill, because it is so large no one will really read it until after it has passed; and second, such a big spending package mitigates the opportunity for lawmakers to debate the merits and demerits of certain provisions that deserve to be debated, like funding for Head Start.
  • The omnibus spending bill is expected to cost $1.012 trillion. However, as Romina Boccia at the Heritage Foundation pointed out last week:

“The Ryan-Murray budget deal increases spending by $45 billion above the spending caps agreed to in 2011 by a bipartisan majority. While this new spending level presents the upper limit, it would be close to a miracle if Congress spent any less than the $1.012 trillion included in the budget deal. Instead, it is more likely that Congress will try to spend even more by exploiting budget gimmicks.”

  • According to the budget deal that passed last month setting spending at $1.012 for 2014, $491.7 billion will be dedicated to domestic spending and $520.5 billion will be dedicated to defense spending. As the Wall Street Journal notes, the bill also will include $92 billion in emergency funds for potential crises overseas. How the spending in those categories will be allocated exactly depends on how that money is appropriated.

Tom Horne – January Meeting

We’re back! It’s a new year and we have a lot of great things lined up. So don’t miss the first meeting of the year and come prepared with your questions for our guest speaker, Tom Horne.

Pyle Adult Recreation Center – 6:30 PM til 8:30 – January 27th

Packages from Home

PFHSVG_Badge_Logo_200x200 TRW will have a packing party at Packages from Home on Saturday, January 18. Meet at the Pyle  Center at 10 am, and we will carpool.  (Correction, the meeting place has changed. Please email tempeazrw@gmail.com for directions to the new meeting spot if you planned to carpool.) Items needed for the soldiers are: 2 oz size Tobasco sauce,  individual packets of powdered drink mixes, and foot powder. Money is always welcome!  It costs  $14.85 for each box to be mailed. Hope to see you on January 18! If you have any questions,  please email tempeazrw@gmail.com

 From their website – “Packages from Home is one of the organizations listed and recognized by  the Department of Defense to send care packages in support of our troops. We have been  featured on many Military related websites, such as The Military Report and America Supports  You. Sometimes people ask us for names of soldiers to whom they can send packages on their own. However, to ensure the security of our Military we cannot release the names or addresses of any armed forces personnel in our database. In fact, even on this website you will see them referred to by only part of their name. If you are outside Arizona and want to support our great Military, we recommend you visit the America Supports You website. As part of the Department of Defense, the website gives many examples of ways to show your support for our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Guardsmen, and Reservists.

Whether you are in Arizona or in another state, we hope you can find it in your heart to give a little back to our proud troops still serving abroad and our veterans..

Thank you,

kat sig
Kathleen Lewis
Founder of Packages From Home”


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